For portfolio class I was required to make a fake invitation that uses an unusual method of construction…

So i chose to do a cassette.. but its not just a normal cassette its actually a cassette usb drive…

You would get the usb cassette in the mail from a band (in this case YMO) or any other type of event/ live performance or blah blah…. then on the usb drive there could also be some multimedia presentation that reveals more information about the event and perhaps some other cool media/music or what have you..

it would be a cool way to send out a music demo to a record label since it would kinda stand out… or a video game…

What I wouldn’t give to actually receive a secret invite to a yellow magic orchestra concert in this type of format…

I am sure maybe this idea has been done before.. but… still if i may say so its pretty clever of me…. sure someone will steal this idea, just hire me as the graphic designer… deal?


Skinny Puppy Discography…

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Art

A few more tweaks and good to go…

Incursion: Animation Time!

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Art, Incursion Game Dev.
Cave Interior: Wip…

New Computer + Animation:

Smoke Attempt number 2+.. think i kinda get it now so.. either 1 more attempt or this..?

Main Character Animations:

Taking off his backpack…

This came out.. GREAT!

Working on his walk cycle.. but for whatever reasons i am finding it tricky still..

hmm.. ill probably try doing this again!

Farmlands – Finished.. not so sure about the fence but.. new chimney smoke animation & additional clouds for in-game animating.. which i didnt bother to animate in this preview gif… but the smoke animates in this!

If the smoke doesnt animate open image in a new window

Deer Animations..  Works In progress..

Deer Animation # 1

Needs More Frames Probably.. kinda jumpy...since i recycled from other animation.. oye..

Quick Test Together.. (hope for it to be less loop'ish in game if possible)

                                           Doesnt seem to animate in my browser unless i open in a new window…..                          

To Do:


( Suggest to add more movement to clouds in mountainsunset scene )

– Work on boys walkcycle

– Do new computer glow animation

Touch Up & Add Details to & work on: 

– Farmlands scene

– Cave scene: make grave smaller?

– Interior Cave Scene

Updates to follow……….. soon….

WIP: Farm Detail Additions (not finished)

New Additions To The Crew

Art Dump Incoming!

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Art

I am going to keep adding to this post a bunch or random art stuff from the past couple years!

For now here is a monk guy!

Weird Monk..

Poster for a Play called a Bedroom Farce.

Piccolo Gariben: Animation Test

Made this ten years ago trying to make a game with my friend Pete ^ its a spaceman blowing up…

Logo For AVIS


Some Painting for a class

Rough For Class Assignment

Game Art for Unfinished Game

Syd Barrett - Where has the colored version gone to?

Edward Gorey Money - not a legal tender.... =)

Adventure Time Fan Art

Vorpal Sword - From Lewis Carrolls Poem Jabberwocky

Well… instead… since I have to make a quickie portfolio for class.. i was forced to make a .pdf file… since I have to get my portfolio reviewed by an art school.. (my graphic design portfolio professor is forcing the entire class to…)

So…. I will be showing my extremely rough portfolio to the good people at Montserrat College of Art.. which.. I actually already got accepted to that school and dropped out… about 5 years ago… kinda pointless that i have to have my artwork looked at again by them.. ! But! I guess its a good learning experience… plus they saw all my non-graphic work which has now been sitting in my parents basement since high school collecting dust… so now they can see what I have been doing since I dropped out of there…. ha-ha-ha.. =(..

Here it is! Click the link!



Oh! Thank YOU! – to all my new blog subscribers! I posted this art dump and like 5 people subscribed to my blog after… which is… interesting….. =) Thanks!


All artwork copyright Brian Callahan 2012

Evolution Of The Computer:

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Art

Currently working on an assignment for my graphic design portfolio class.. the assignment was to do the evolution of an object without using any words…. i chose the computer.. not entirely the most original idea.. but i am coming up with a pretty decent design i think…

The perspective is a bit wonky though since I made the computers first since i was originally thinking I was just going to do kinda like a flow chart type design.. but decided to try putting the computers according to time period stacked on a giant mainframe computer.. its coming out pretty good but not entirely happy with it yet..

Here it is so far:

Evolution Of The Computer

All Images and art are copyright brian callahan.. unless they aren’t mine to begin with.


Done.. well done enough for class =)

I believe this is mostly finished.. I definitely have to go back and re-work on the farmland eventually so that it is closer in design to the rest of what i have made now.. but i dont think i need to re-do it entirely just add more detail etc..


this took me a bit longer than i would have hoped but.. getting close to having what i need to have done.. i gotta get cranking on the mountain-top art now..

NightSky – Redo –

Currently nearly finished still needs some clean up and tweaking as well as separating layers out for parallax effects in-game.

Mountain Sunset: (early work in progress preview)

Still needs a lot of work, but i am happy with it so far and wanted to share it… =).. Made a deer which i think came out pretty awesomely if i may say so… i still need to do one more deer of a different variation for the scene because of the law of 3.

Other than that… its coming along!..

For the final version:

– Animated Waterfall

– Animated Owl in a tree

– Animate the deer?

(maybe animate 1 thats drinking water to look up)

(maybe animate another drinking water to just cause ripples in the water as it drinks)

(maybe animate the third to walk into the scene?)

Animation Thoughts:

Starting to think animations within the scenes themselves would be highly beneficial to add some life to the scenes.. with parallax like effects for the nightsky i don’t think that scene really needs animating.. but maybe the farm scene.. which i may end up doing over at some point after the January build anyway….?

Before I forget! Here is the mountain sunset scene so far!

Work In Progress!

 And finally.. a kind of pointless character sheet of things you have already seen..

(I am getting really excited about doing characters!!! I have never been a landscape artist.. i have never once painted a landscape or drawn a landscape in my life.. well.. thats not entirely true.. but i have never spent time on one or really learned how to really do luckily so far things have been coming out pretty good despite that.. so basically…. I cant wait to work on characters!!!!)


And with that I leave you with this….