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Rivet: Dev Blog #1.5

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Rivet

Rivet: Development Blog Entry.. #1.5 (1.5 because its not quite #2.. yet..)

I have been busy staying up all night on the weekends.. since it’s a good time to get work done on Rivet.. especially since staying up all night keeps me on the same schedule as my girlfriend who works overnight wed-sat nights anyway.

I haven’t made much more progress on the asset/environment/modeling side yet since my first dev entry earlier this week… but on the concept art side of things I painted a post-apocalyptic bow and arrow.. i plan on doing more arrows maybe.. and eventually a makeshift looking quiver…

The bow is pretty much just a standard bow.. but with some tape on the handle.. when i actually do the model i may make it more “customized” like adding hanging feathers or bottle caps or something to it..

Arrow heads I figure will come in a few variations.. since enemies in the game will have been scavenging for different ways to make arrows/arrowheads.. from what i have read its very easy to take metal scrap and make arrow heads.. so i figure people in a post-apocalyptic setting would be kinda experimenting with different types.. just like indigenous peoples had in the past as well as current people. I was thinking the hole in the arrowhead in the picture could maybe be a place for a blasting cap to fit in and be lit and shot for an exploding arrow type..just an idea especially since i don’t know how realistic that would actually be in real life… and found out online that people actually use duct tape for uhh feathers.. what are they called? fletches? or something..? so the concept art has duct tape for the arrows fletches.

There is also a melee attachment to the bow which is a saw blade that has been cut in half with a torch and is mounted to the bow.. which hopefully in real life this wouldn’t screw up the way the arrow shoots… since i want the weapons to be realistic.. but since it could be mounted to the opposite side of the bow where the arrow doesn’t line up to shoot out of i don’t really see how it would maybe a problem.. but i know little about bow & arrows.. except that i know as a kid the people who my parents bought the house i grew up in left a bow behind.. very similar to the one in the concept.. it wasn’t strung though.. i took fishing line and attached it and found a wooden pole in the chance…and took apart a dart and attached it to the end of the wood pole..  it worked out really well too! it was fun…until a police officer drove by and saw what i was doing and was like.. that is dangerous.. and could be considered a weapon.. but he was impressed that a 7 year old put together a makeshift bow and said do it in your backyard instead..since he said he could see that i put work into it..haha.. except my backyard was tiny! So that was pretty much the end of that.. stupid cop! I am in my own yard doing my own thing.. ugh.. plus i lived in a neighborhood that had no other kids.. so i was a self entertaining type of kid doing creative/imaginative stuff.. not much has changed really..has it..

The concept was painted in photoshop and used some reference pics of re-curve bows/and the arrow i made quick without reference.. over all it does the job of a concept.. and surprisingly i am realizing my painting skills have somewhere along the line improved since i think it came out pretty realistic! well the bow at least… plus happy with the graphic design template layout thingy of what ill be using to display concepts/screenshots. So this is a two in one pic.. showing the concept and the Rivet logo. Oh and the background is the wip level of the desert.. all assets are custom except the grass and the sky.. meaning.. i made all the textures/materials.. which are.. sand/sandwaves/sandcracked/sanddirt/sandrock..

Random Idea List

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Ideas
Metal Grating for car windows/windshields
Demolition Derby Cars For Reference
Trashcan lids as shields
Metal crutch makeshift weapon
Arrows with flammable rags for fire arrows
Welding mask as helmet for an enemy type

Rivet: Dev Blog Entry #1

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Rivet

So the first Dev Blog Entry!

Some info about why Rivet is called.. Rivet..
Rivet is currently just a working title and so the name of the game may eventually change.. but for now.. yes.. its called Rivet… it was first called Gasohol but for now it is Rivet.
Where did the name Rivet come from?
Well here is why the game is called Rivet.. besides it being a permanent mechanical fastener..
Rivethead: Formerly, since the 1940s, a nickname for American automotive assembly line workers.. plus its a fashion style for those familiar with industrial music… 
The game itself takes some stylistic cues from both steampunk/industrial so thats another reason why its called.. Rivet. and another reason is well the setting of the game means that people are creating their own makeshift vehicles/weapons so.. again Rivet=appropriate.

Actual Development INFO:

Basically so far in development I have made a placeholder logo, new textures/materials, concept art, early level design & added a couple models.

My first texture/material that I added was a sand texture. I also added a normal map of a wavy pattern to apply to the sand texture as a material that can be easily changed to increase or decrease the intensity of the sands waves.. which i happily discovered how to do because of this tutorial found in this forum:

I have also made a cracked/dry sand material to apply to the terrain as well.. so there is variation in the sand terrain.. of wavy(which is mostly for smaller sand dunes)/a non-wavy sand (for all purpose use)/cracked sand (for those hard rough surfaces)/ and rocky sand (for mountains)/I will be creating a footprint sand texture in zbrush doing something similar to this tutorial And by following that same tutorial I will be creating a custom tire track material for imprints in the road/sand.

How exciting!
As of the newest version of UDK its now possible to create dynamic footprints/tire tracks.. which is AWESOME.. now the player/npc’s/and vehicles can leave imprints in the sand.. DYNAMICALLY! There is also a new foliage editor which should come in handy as well.. after all there is still some plant life in the desert afterall!

I also added some new meshes such as a propane tank/a standing 1920’s styled ashtray/cardboardboxes/woodenplanks/etc.. to the editor.

Mostly as far as level editing  i have just been experimenting with different looks in the editor for the terrain to find a perfect style to go with.. adding fog/particles of moving sand/changing the lighting/tweaking materials/etc…

Concept art: I drew the first weapon concept of a bow.. basically its a wooden bow that has some tape around the grip and a saw blade attached to the front of it for melee purposes..the arrows i figure will maybe be using some funny things as well as just normal arrows.. since its actually pretty easy to make arrows out of metal i figure in a post-apocalyptic setting where people have made makeshift weapons/vehicles they can probably make arrow heads.. but why not a fork as an arrow head? or a sharpened butter knife?

Things I need to do:
– Footprint material
– Tire material
– Road Meshes or Material.. have to decide how to do the roads.. and make them..
– Foliage.. or uh..i guess Cactus & Deadgrass & stuff?/ (umm.. better do some research on desert plant life)
– Concept Art of: Weapons/Clothing/Items/Environments/NPC’s/Player/Vehicles and so on.
– Models, Models and.. more Models! + Tutorials + Research + Texturing/Skinning + Modeling + UV’s
– More atmosphere & environment experimentation within the editor.
– World Map / Layout of the game world + locations etc..
– Story
– Continue Work on Game Design Doc.
– Get better acquainted with kismet.

and once I have a good amount of all these above things done and ready to show off to people…..
– Find More People To Help..?

What to have by next development blog entry for next week:
show the current placeholder logo
show early in-game screenshots showing off new materials sand/sand-waves/cracked-sand/footprints/tiremarks
Some concept art including the bow + hopefully more.
and whatever else I have finished by next week..

maybe ill update tomorrow with logo/screens/concept of bow.

For now.. I leave you with some inspirational art/pictures/etc…  that have been inspiring the project thus far:

Thanks for reading the first DEV BLOG!

About Rivet:
Rivet is a Post-Apocalyptic single player FPS/Driving/Survival game. It is inspired after my watching Mad Max for the millionth time and having watched the plethora of 1980’s B movies out there with similar premises. I then posted on indiedb wondering why hasn’t such a game been made in which I received some positive responses as well as people telling me I would be sued.. which in response all I have to say is… why didn’t fallout get sued? or borderlands etc..? and then a helpful Australian who plans on contributing as well as some others to the game itself got in touch with me and I decided heck I really need to learn UDK better anyway so why not try to make this game! So far I am incredibly motivated and have collected tons of reference material/tutorials for udk/modeling etc.. / and now work has started on the game.

Why make another post-apocalyptic game?! Hasn’t the genre been done to death already?!

As much as I love the Fallout series/Borderlands/S.T.A.L.K.E.R/ and the other handfuls of post-apocalyptic games out there I just always wished there was a game that had a more involved driving game-play element along with being a first person shooter. And yes.. id software’s Rage is coming out… finally…… but from what I can tell of Rage it’s still not what I would love love love to play as a post-apocalyptic game.. although i will most definitely be playing Rage when it comes out.. But now that I am working on Rivet.. I wonder… will it be like everything else I start.. will a big company seemingly read my blog/see my game and steal my idea? Will Rivet end up being another one of those weird coincidences I have where I get an idea and a day later I find someone else is doing the same exact thing..? Probably!.. especially since its not the most unique idea for a game.. especially a FPS… since technically I cannot understand how a post-apocalyptic game like the ideas behind Rivet has not already been made..since I hope to make it what I and perhaps most people would expect a post-apocalyptic game to be.. and this just hasn’t been done… for whatever reason… at least it has not been done .. YET.. hopefully Rivet will be unique from the other games out there with similar premises not only because it sticks more to the original ideas of a post-apocalyptic setting but also because of the story and the game play..  and that is really a main focus of the game.. making it unique.. but familiar..

Rivet will be set in kinda an unknown time period years after a war that created an economic depression as well as nuclear damage to the Earth/society.. it will be taking cues from 1920’s technology & history… and to an extent its possible that the setting is kinda an alternate future-past of what could have happened during or after world war 1. The setting of the game takes place in a desert wasteland that will be modeled off of Australia and Route 66 in a 1920’s inspired time period… There will be ratrods.. or basically rusty hot rods from the 1920’s that have been customized/pieced together to traverse the hostile environment. There will be scavenging/surviving/raiders/thieves/murderers/gangs/new settlements/societies.. of course some guns but more so makeshift weapons/melee weapons. The game will be a more accurate version of a post-apocalyptic setting.. and sorry the main character will not be decked out in a black full leather suit.. since.. umm.. wouldn’t that be way too hot in the desert? But perhaps that can be a secret outfit to find… but it would come with consequences…. like needing to drink a lot more water!

Originally I had actually been planning on making a 2d side-scroller since that would seem to be the way to go as an indie game developer.. it wasn’t another post-apocalyptic game either.. it was going to be called Hypnagogia and it was going to be a weird esoteric game with meaning…. taking huge influence from Jonathan Blow’s Design REBOOT lecture.. which if you haven’t checked that out you really should… but the reason for making Rivet is really because it’s a game I would really like to play and see and experience and hopefully still include design reboot type aesthetics. Even though I know Rivet can’t be as ambitious as maybe I would like to be I still think a pretty good short single player game can be made out of it and maybe some day a full game will be created out of it.. if enough support is given to it…

Mainly I want to make Rivet because I still feel like there is a side of the post-apocalyptic genre being ignored and that side is.. what a post-apocalyptic game should be…. at least in my opinion…. and that has a lot to do with taking inspiration from movies from the 80’s.. like Mad Max/Steel Dawn/ A Boy & His Dog and Cherry 2000. I feel that Rivet can be unique even if it may just be considered another post-apocalyptic game at first glance..

– Brian

Introduction/1st Post

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House Head Studios is basically the power house studio of one man.. Brian Callahan.. and hopefully it will grow to include anyone who cares to join my adventures of attempting to make a game etc… Maybe some day I will have the money to make it a real studio…but for now.. it has $0 dollars funding it.

(Blogging huh? Well I guess I might as well join at least one part of this internet craze… i dont have a myspace/facebook/tumblr or a twitter..did i forget one?)

This blog will mostly be used as a development blog to share info on what I am currently working on and to help myself stay organized and on track with Rivet. It will also have whatever the heck else i feel like randomly blogging about from time to time like.. games/music/graphic design/art/sfx/software etc… since I am pretty knowledgeable about those such things.. and maybe just maybe I will be helping out some other aspiring indie game developers out there by sharing that knowledge…