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level editing is… fun..

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Art, Games



this guy…

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Art, Games, Indie Game Development Stuff


Work progressing on Incursion even if it’s slow.. school and life has been taking up a lot a lot of my time so unfortunately work on Incursion hasn’t been as frequent.. but I am managing to still get work done when I can.. shouldn’t be too long until the 3rd level… if you can call it that.. is done.. and i am pretty sure that will be added to the beta when the time comes.. The most recent work i have been doing is on a snow level.. i have posted a few teasers on twitter.. but i think i deleted one of them.. but i did put a scene I was working on up on there a week or so ago.. and since we are getting further in development I wont be sharing work as often on here if you haven’t already noticed.. which i doubt? since who follows this? haha.. well since we are in hush hush mode right now so that not too much will be revealed..

Other than Incursion stuff I have been obsessing over the idea of making a comic.. Something that will be kinda based off my life, but in a weird way.. we’ll see what happens with that.. also been messing around with the idea of working on an adventure game on the side, but mostly for learning experience.. which actually I really love the idea I have for it.. and have been trying to come up with some pixel art for it, but haven’t made anything I have been happy with and don’t really have the time.. so.. again we’ll see.. I should also be making graphic design stuff for my portfolio, but I haven’t a clue what to make.. so….. if anyone is looking for a logo, or poster or illustration or other graphic design’ish stuff feel free to contact me on twitter.. looking for paid or unpaid work.. anything is fine really so..

Illustrations: Quickie Colors..

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Art

Scanning and coloring a few illustrations.. I wanted to get something done for tonight, so I did this quickly..

I’ll probably spend more time on it later.. more to come!

This assignment was to create an illustration for a news article. The article was about how peanuts on planes will not be leaving airplanes any time soon.. since people have peanut allergies they were trying to make it illegal.. but! luckily peanuts are now protected by law and are allowed to keep traveling on airplanes..


Been quite some time since I did any sort of update about work on Incursion!

This isn’t because nothing is happening, but simply since we have reached a current point of keeping things under wraps.

What I can say.. is that Level 2 development is now completed!

If anyone is interested..? anyone?

Well, level 2 has to do with… a mysterious island.. and… yep!
…no there wont be any pirates on this island.. but this image does have to do with another secret on a monkey island..

Composer: Nick Borrego


Artist: Brian Callahan

Programmer/Creative Director: Peter Moorhead


Posted: April 11, 2012 in Art, Indie Game Development Stuff

Here is some of my “new” music.. when i say “new” i mean a couple years old.. My music equipment now gets more use by my cat… since he enjoys stepping all over it..