Incursion: Animation Time!

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Art, Incursion Game Dev.
Cave Interior: Wip…

New Computer + Animation:

Smoke Attempt number 2+.. think i kinda get it now so.. either 1 more attempt or this..?

Main Character Animations:

Taking off his backpack…

This came out.. GREAT!

Working on his walk cycle.. but for whatever reasons i am finding it tricky still..

hmm.. ill probably try doing this again!

Farmlands – Finished.. not so sure about the fence but.. new chimney smoke animation & additional clouds for in-game animating.. which i didnt bother to animate in this preview gif… but the smoke animates in this!

If the smoke doesnt animate open image in a new window

Deer Animations..  Works In progress..

Deer Animation # 1

Needs More Frames Probably.. kinda jumpy...since i recycled from other animation.. oye..

Quick Test Together.. (hope for it to be less loop'ish in game if possible)

                                           Doesnt seem to animate in my browser unless i open in a new window…..                          

To Do:


( Suggest to add more movement to clouds in mountainsunset scene )

– Work on boys walkcycle

– Do new computer glow animation

Touch Up & Add Details to & work on: 

– Farmlands scene

– Cave scene: make grave smaller?

– Interior Cave Scene

Updates to follow……….. soon….

WIP: Farm Detail Additions (not finished)

New Additions To The Crew

  1. Nick Borrego says:

    Looks good, Brian! Looking forward to seeing that implemented. Btw I’m your music guy (and a little audio on the side 🙂 )

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