Art Dump Incoming!

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Art

I am going to keep adding to this post a bunch or random art stuff from the past couple years!

For now here is a monk guy!

Weird Monk..

Poster for a Play called a Bedroom Farce.

Piccolo Gariben: Animation Test

Made this ten years ago trying to make a game with my friend Pete ^ its a spaceman blowing up…

Logo For AVIS


Some Painting for a class

Rough For Class Assignment

Game Art for Unfinished Game

Syd Barrett - Where has the colored version gone to?

Edward Gorey Money - not a legal tender.... =)

Adventure Time Fan Art

Vorpal Sword - From Lewis Carrolls Poem Jabberwocky

Well… instead… since I have to make a quickie portfolio for class.. i was forced to make a .pdf file… since I have to get my portfolio reviewed by an art school.. (my graphic design portfolio professor is forcing the entire class to…)

So…. I will be showing my extremely rough portfolio to the good people at Montserrat College of Art.. which.. I actually already got accepted to that school and dropped out… about 5 years ago… kinda pointless that i have to have my artwork looked at again by them.. ! But! I guess its a good learning experience… plus they saw all my non-graphic work which has now been sitting in my parents basement since high school collecting dust… so now they can see what I have been doing since I dropped out of there…. ha-ha-ha.. =(..

Here it is! Click the link!



Oh! Thank YOU! – to all my new blog subscribers! I posted this art dump and like 5 people subscribed to my blog after… which is… interesting….. =) Thanks!


All artwork copyright Brian Callahan 2012


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