Incursion Dev Blog # something?

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Art, Incursion Game Dev., Indie Game Development Stuff

NightSky – Redo –

Currently nearly finished still needs some clean up and tweaking as well as separating layers out for parallax effects in-game.

Mountain Sunset: (early work in progress preview)

Still needs a lot of work, but i am happy with it so far and wanted to share it… =).. Made a deer which i think came out pretty awesomely if i may say so… i still need to do one more deer of a different variation for the scene because of the law of 3.

Other than that… its coming along!..

For the final version:

– Animated Waterfall

– Animated Owl in a tree

– Animate the deer?

(maybe animate 1 thats drinking water to look up)

(maybe animate another drinking water to just cause ripples in the water as it drinks)

(maybe animate the third to walk into the scene?)

Animation Thoughts:

Starting to think animations within the scenes themselves would be highly beneficial to add some life to the scenes.. with parallax like effects for the nightsky i don’t think that scene really needs animating.. but maybe the farm scene.. which i may end up doing over at some point after the January build anyway….?

Before I forget! Here is the mountain sunset scene so far!

Work In Progress!

 And finally.. a kind of pointless character sheet of things you have already seen..

(I am getting really excited about doing characters!!! I have never been a landscape artist.. i have never once painted a landscape or drawn a landscape in my life.. well.. thats not entirely true.. but i have never spent time on one or really learned how to really do luckily so far things have been coming out pretty good despite that.. so basically…. I cant wait to work on characters!!!!)


And with that I leave you with this….


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