Happy Holidays!

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Art, Incursion Game Dev.

Happy Holidays From The Cube-Noir Team

Update on NightSky:

Trees are too big… ? Might look weird at 800 by 600 when it scrolls down to them.. but maybe not.. i should test it out..

i tried shrinking the trees down and it makes it look weirder and its no good that way.. so…. i almost like it with no trees in the foreground at all!?

What do you think? Toss the trees? Re-do Trees? Shrink Trees? Leave trees how they BE? (intentional)

almost thinking might be smarter to shrink the trees or shapes that look like bushes in the background smaller so you see more of the mountain and sky…. and have less foreground maybe… 

Notes on Resolution:

i wish that players had no choice but to play the game viewed at 800 by 600.. when they go full screen the game goes to whatever their screens resolution is.. which stretches out the art and i think makes things look bleh! especially on my comp since my resolution is 1280 by 1024.. i cant believe most people still use 1024 by 768.. but i do have 20/20 vision after all.. ha-ha..

Possible Solution:

– Instead of stretching pixel art out in fullscreen mode what about black borders in full screen that force the player to view the art at 800 by 600? Is this possible? Would it look awful? What do you think? 

If blackborders are used… textbox could go on bottom black border and not overlap the art.. Which could make things look a bit nicer graphically too? This would also help the issue of characters needing to be over the top of the text box and appear as if they are floating..and keep them from being hidden behind the textbox as well..

You could even add inventory/or some other types of thingies to the blackbordered edges around the game screen.. or some ornate decorations to jazz it up.. Is it possible to change this in Renpy easily?? Or would this cause issues?


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