Time to Get Cracking…

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Art, Incursion Game Dev., Indie Game Development Stuff

Been trying to catch up with school and now getting close to finishing with this semester.. still tons of crap to do for school but i need to try to find time to mix in some art for incursion.i still have to take my finals & take a math assessment test and sign up for next semester before its too late…. and set up an appointment to take my art history test at the LAC.. because the tests are super hard and take me 2 hours to finish..


so this weekend i re-worked the narrator and started on this weird white hooded guy with a skeleton mask after a dream that my girlfriend had of a creepy weird white robed guy with skeleton mask standing at the end of our bed.. which i have had a similar dream except that it was two weird skeleton masked guys.. one was in all white (like her dream) the other was in all black.. (guess she had a dream before the white figure dream with the black robed figure too right before the white figure) turns out her brother also had a weird dream like this too.. kinda weird.. but extremely archetypal.. so i figured maybe they could be incorporated in the game… both are harbingers of death.. but the black figure (which i havent made yet) is more evil and gives you a torturous death where as the white one is kinder and eases you into death peacefully.. but they kind of work together and the white skeleton guy is always trying to prevent the black skeleton guy from being a jerk.. white robed figure still needs work…


anyway here is a screen of new characters so far..

(left to right) narrator, pan, white skeleton guy (wip)

I also downloaded graphicsgale and screwed around to get used to it..

meant to be zoomed in.. in game zoom of 200% or 300%..

and a really really crappy quick animation in graphicsgale..

quick and dumb animation!




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