Incursion: Development Blog #2

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Incursion Game Dev.

More of a post for notes for me to know what i should be working on…at least for now..

I am noticing as I work on art for incursion that my art is improving.. partially because i am taking forever on backdrops.. which.. is good and bad.. since it makes things look better but also takes.. well more time.. which needs to be discussed with peter.. since i figure i am already taking to long at producing the art..?

I am also noticing that by spending more time on art as well as my skills improving.. that it will easily make the art lose coherency from one backdrop to the next.. which could pose to be problematic..

– make something that is more coherent with the rest of the backdrops ( i hoped you wouldn’t notice but you did =).. i was thinking of doing this anyway so all is good )

– split up layers such as sky/clouds/mountain/ground for parallax effect

Artistical Ideas For New Night Sky:

– Keep the over all theme of the backdrop the same as the one i am reworking.. spend more time on mountains.. make it less modernist and more in line with the other backdrops…

– This means.. no purple mountains majesty?

– Maybe work smaller.. as in smaller pixels so when the game is full screen everything isn’t humongous like the current night sky backdrop.. and so the scrolling takes longer perhaps.. if the programming for panning down is maybe slowed down and its this big epic scroll down.. with parallax like effects of the mountain & sky etc..  could be quite cool.. if i do the art right…

this could prove tricky..

– Look at eyvind earles art for inspiration but try to keep it less modernist 1950’s ish..

Redo Narrator Like Pan Character:

(been thinking for a while the narrator should be re-worked)

– same dimensions

– same style: aka depth of pixels etc…


– animate narrator walking + talking

Plans for Nov. 22 night time.. so more like Nov. 23..
Work on Reworking of Nightsky maybe flesh stuff out on paper first.. ?

Meh… not really liking this or the color palette… oh well… ill keep at it.. either by trying to develop this further and see where it goes…  or by starting over….

what i think ill do… is down size everything… in other words make tiny trees etc… hmm.. i guess by basically just re-creating the old one to save time i may have ended up screwing myself over.. i was trying to salvage the style of the old one but combine more of the style of the cave backdrop.. which its not quite possible to tell what i had in mind yet since havent finished the mountain etc…  but…………………… ugh.. i am also starting to wonder if i am going to end up making the farmlands backdrop obsolete…. maybe i should be doing the cave scene to look more like the other scenes.. but that cave scene drove me nutsssssssssssss…

i guess i should probably should have  started completely from scratch.. what a waste of time… and what a piece of shit

UGH! trying over and over and over… i think i am saying screw to that new cave art and revert back to the style of the first two even though it was near impossible to make a cave in that style.. but then again there is no way i can split up that first night sky backdrop into layers anyway because of how i made it back then,,, honestly this sucks.. i give up!…… for now.. anyway..

all this art doesnt look half bad on a phone or smaller resolutions.. but when blown up on a monitor at 100% or blown up even more in game… it all starts to look like garbage!

i should be making everything with pixels that are literally 1 pixel wide by 1 pixel wide.. but illustrator sucks for that because snapping to grid doesnt work properly with big resolutions of say.. 800 by 2400…. unless you are super zoomed in and then you cant see whats going on……. and plus that would be kinda insane to work on.. unless i make everything super super far away like in most pixelish games.. like the cave would be like ..

^^^^   ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
^^^^^^^  _____ ^^^^^^^

   ^^^^^^^^ |            |^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^ |            |^^^^^^^

— new cave dimensions.. redo all art to be tiny?                            ^ thats a cave


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