Incursion: Official Update #1

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Incursion Game Dev.


I was hired to do art for the game Incursion and I am now the artist for the indie game company Cube-Noir.

My past couple posts are what I have been working on so far for the game… my progress has been a little slow recently after last weekend when there was a bizarre snow storm.. where I lost power for most of the weekend. I was lucky though because a lot of people still don’t have power a week later! That’s New England for you… definitely not looking forward to the winter, but I will be stuck inside a lot so I will have more time to work on what I need to be working on.

You can check out the game company website here as well as get information about the game.

Use the links on the Cube-Noir website and follow us on twitter!

Also feel free to subscribe to my blog for updates..


What I am up to:

Right now its my duty to replace the programmer art from the first build of the game. Unfortunately school is a drag especially with midterms right now and the end of the semester slowly creeping up with final projects and such..

Tonight I am going to start working on the Cave scene of the game since I am very close to finished with the Farm scene which you can see in my previous post.. which I should update.. since the farm scene is pretty much finished now… Although not much was added since the last image besides some clouds and some additional tweaks, but I am happy with where it is right now at least enough to the point to be some what satisfied with it. If it had to be the final version for the game.. even if it’s not quite perfect.. I would be okay with that.. but as usual I don’t feel it’s quite complete..

I am spending too much time writing this development entry instead of working on art for the game… so!  I am off to work on the Cave scene..

Cave Scene Ideas:

Cave Entrance:

– Foliage of some sort surrounding opening of cave

– Some sort of perspective view for the cave opening

– Rocks of course…

– Perhaps some sort of elaborate old statues or remnants of an ancient culture

Important Reminder to self: Re-work the rain sprite

Cave Interior:

– Keep close to original cave interior art to an extent and have rain/light be shown outside where you have entered the cave

– Perhaps some prehistoric cave art for the interior walls of the cave.. with chauvet cave as inspiration.

– Interior of cave should be darkly lit so that the narrator can light the inside of the cave with his staff/cane

Update: Sometimes when you work on something nothing happens.. or.. you can’t seem to make anything good.. you feel stuck and frustrated and sometimes even though you may waste a night of work.. your better off just waiting for another night to continue work.. this means… i am struggling with the cave exterior tonight and need to take some time to plan things out better for another attempt later..

Successful Re-Attempts proved fruitless…… Until:

Cave Early Progress

Still a wip.. lots to change, edit and add still..

Almost done! Hooray!!!!

I need to… edit the right side to match better with the value of the left.. since it kinda throws things off.. add darker value to top of left hand screen.. add more grassy things on the right bottom.. and else where.. more values to left side probably also would be a good idea too..


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