Incursion: Night Edit

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Art, Indie Game Development Stuff

Well.. I stayed up all night.. i swore that I wouldn’t… especially since I have a test tomorrow in my art history class.. I have to get up in two hours… or stay up..

Basically I tried adding some sort of unique weird style to Incursion…. I think its cool but its kinda maybe too strange… its highly inspired by Eyvind Earle.. and perhaps a bit too much.. It still needs a lot of work and tweaking of colors and making the weirdly colored mountain in the background perhaps a bit more like a mountain and less of a modernist mountain.. haha.. for now I am happy with it.. and after all its just an experiment.. now the question is do i submit it to Cube-Noir or do I work on a regular not so weird background for the intro night scene….

I did two colored versions.. it originally had a purple sky.. then I realized in the game the text reads “the stars shine out against a navy sky” oops! purple isn’t navy.. so then I tried making the sky sorta navy’ish..  but.. it may mean tweaking the entire image all over again since just by changing the hue well.. its not quite navy..

here is what I am talking about: (this will take a loooong time to load…)_ =)..

Original Nightsky

Edit of the original

Cool colors.. as in temperature...

attempt at making it more navy quickly...


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