SEF: iN GaMe sCreEnsHOT

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Indie Game Development Stuff

New game I am working on which I am calling.. SEF…

I am using scirra construct to develop it.. but I am finding the lack of documentation for construct really annoying so I may end up switching over to gamemaker.. or it may be time to actually learn to program.. which means I may even be teaching myself C# finally or java or something.. we will see..

I am promising myself to not reveal story/or gameplay mechanics online here due to the fact that it would seem a few other ideas I have had within the past so many years may have indeed been seen and perhaps stolen.. since it seems a bit too coincidental.. not a game i have posted on my blog here… but i wont get into that.. I didn’t get to make those games before other people did because I can’t program so at least somebody made them.. plus I can’t prove that my ideas were stolen.. but seems highly probable considering the forums I had posted some of this game art/ideas on were also posted on by the developers of such games.. oh well.. =)..


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