Posted: August 2, 2011 in Indie Game Development Stuff

So finally after days of not having the internet.. so annoying.. I have started to help contribute to DotNetHack which is being created by Pete Jensen. I am helping with level design/quests/story and maybe sfx?.. So far it looks really awesome and Pete gave me a demonstration of the game thus far the level editor etc.. in a meeting.. I have to say I am excited! Plus I have been writing up a bunch of ideas for the quests that I have been wanting to include in a game for quite some time.. Since DotNetHack has ascii graphics I plan on reusing a lot of these quest/story ideas in a game of my own since that was the plan originally.. as infor  the Unknown Adventure game.. that I have been posting pics of below..

so DOTNETHACK is early in development but check it out.. I will post some screens if Pete says its cool.. but since I figure nobody reads this blog.. i wonder what is the harm?


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