My Joke Game..

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Indie Game Development Stuff

Well I have had this concept of making a game that kinda makes fun of Minecraft/Terraria and the tons of other mining, rock breaking games..

It is going to be a really short game.. you are a prisoner and you are forced to do hardlabor.. which is what i am calling the game.. HardLabor.. all you do is break rocks all day and then sleep in your cell at night.. (which is meant to be a sarcastic comment on the gameplay of minecraft..) maybe eventually ill turn it into something more.. like you break rocks during the day and at night in your cell you piece together equipment to dig in your cell to escape.. the game is really just meant as a sarcastic comment on these mining games that are so popular.. I do own minecraft (minecraft i still play) and terraria.. i couldn’t keep playing terraria especially since i put so many hours into it and realized?? why? what is the point of me doing all this digging?! to get special items that have really no purpose… so i figured a game that pokes fun at this style of game play would be appropriate.. and what better way to do that but to make a game where you are prisoner who is forced to break rocks.. since that is kinda how i feel i am being treated in these mining types of games.. a prisoner forced to do hardlabor that kinda has no reward.. dont get me wrong minecraft/terraria can be fun.. but i thought it would be fun to make a game that points out exactly what players are doing in games like this… its kinda a game like ian bogost’s cowclicker..

HARDLABOR the new game where you break rocks! (i will sue if i find someone steals the idea..haha.. i am serious..)


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