Xna Untitled Adventure Game: update 2

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Indie Game Development Stuff

So after posting the characters from my new game on the tigsource forums it was recommended that i test the characters out in an environment to see what it would kinda look like and if it would work.. which.. i figured if i just use a different color palette other than the colors the characters are restricted to.. why wouldn’t it work out?

thus this image was born.. the background still needs to be turned into pixels etc.. since this was just kinda a quick mock up but managed to make some new tiles for environments.. the house was done really quickly and it probably wont make it into the game but the rest.. the grass/dirt/tree etc… will.. since they are tiles now.. i used to have issues working with 32 by 32 pixels and this art is like……… 12 by 12.. or less or more.. but each pixel is like 7 pixels wide.. so i guess that is not entirely accurate..

Forgot about this.. (Oct. 2 2011)

The game art is coming along.. as you can tell.. and today Pete Jensen (he is the reason why i got into making games/art etc…) emailed me something he is working on which is dotnethack.. pretty sweet from the looks of it.. especially since i am into that retro pixel art/ascii art thing that is having a resurgence right now.. although mr. pete jensen was way ahead of this current rebirth having been into that way before it was “cool”.. and to think i used to give him so much trouble about pixel art.. tisk tisk.. i offered to help with art but.. games like nethack arent exactly supposed to have “good” art.. and are meant more to have ascii art.. i was always tempted though to make my own ascii characters… so basically like pixel art but even more simple..  so i figured either way i would offer my help..
I will be helping with creative stuff for dotnethack..like levels/quests/etc… sounds fun!__

here are some useful fun links for the day..
cool ascii art video thing.. http://www.asciimeo.com/
cool soundfx program for 8 bit games..http://www.bfxr.net/
cool 8 bit music program: http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA022293/pxtone/index.html


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