Turning Depression into Inspiration

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Indie Game Development Stuff

I recently watched this video.. found it very helpful.. its about how to design a game when struggling with depression…

I am already starting to question making Rivet.. and going back to making a 2d game like i had planned.. I will continue making Rivet and experimenting with UDK.. but i am not going to throw all my time into it like I was thinking I was going to.. I will still develop Rivet to the best of my abilities/time/ etc.. since I plan on developing my skills with udk as well as my modeling/texturing etc.. skills for a portfolio.. and I still feel working on Rivet is a good way to go about that.. plus I already can tell that maybe those who might have helped out on Rivet may have decided to vanish…. since i may have already scared them away.. haha.. since i haven’t heard anything back from them since last month. But people get busy etc..

I really wish I could find a xna programmer in my area.. someone motivated and willing to make something not too ambitious but fun.. even if someone is not in my area thats cool.. but sheesh.. please anyone? someone out there? want to make a sidescroller/metroidvania type of action platforming adventure game? something kinda like zelda? er.. oh well..

here i go again switching projects and going back to other projects and getting frustrated and losing focus in game ideas i get excited about and then go.. well maybe i shouldn’t be trying to make this…….

i just want to make a game!!!!!


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