Rivet: Dev Blog #1.5

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Rivet

Rivet: Development Blog Entry.. #1.5 (1.5 because its not quite #2.. yet..)

I have been busy staying up all night on the weekends.. since it’s a good time to get work done on Rivet.. especially since staying up all night keeps me on the same schedule as my girlfriend who works overnight wed-sat nights anyway.

I haven’t made much more progress on the asset/environment/modeling side yet since my first dev entry earlier this week… but on the concept art side of things I painted a post-apocalyptic bow and arrow.. i plan on doing more arrows maybe.. and eventually a makeshift looking quiver…

The bow is pretty much just a standard bow.. but with some tape on the handle.. when i actually do the model i may make it more “customized” like adding hanging feathers or bottle caps or something to it..

Arrow heads I figure will come in a few variations.. since enemies in the game will have been scavenging for different ways to make arrows/arrowheads.. from what i have read its very easy to take metal scrap and make arrow heads.. so i figure people in a post-apocalyptic setting would be kinda experimenting with different types.. just like indigenous peoples had in the past as well as current people. I was thinking the hole in the arrowhead in the picture could maybe be a place for a blasting cap to fit in and be lit and shot for an exploding arrow type..just an idea especially since i don’t know how realistic that would actually be in real life… and found out online that people actually use duct tape for uhh feathers.. what are they called? fletches? or something..? so the concept art has duct tape for the arrows fletches.

There is also a melee attachment to the bow which is a saw blade that has been cut in half with a torch and is mounted to the bow.. which hopefully in real life this wouldn’t screw up the way the arrow shoots… since i want the weapons to be realistic.. but since it could be mounted to the opposite side of the bow where the arrow doesn’t line up to shoot out of i don’t really see how it would maybe a problem.. but i know little about bow & arrows.. except that i know as a kid the people who my parents bought the house i grew up in left a bow behind.. very similar to the one in the concept.. it wasn’t strung though.. i took fishing line and attached it and found a wooden pole in the garage..by chance…and took apart a dart and attached it to the end of the wood pole..  it worked out really well too! it was fun…until a police officer drove by and saw what i was doing and was like.. that is dangerous.. and could be considered a weapon.. but he was impressed that a 7 year old put together a makeshift bow and said do it in your backyard instead..since he said he could see that i put work into it..haha.. except my backyard was tiny! So that was pretty much the end of that.. stupid cop! I am in my own yard doing my own thing.. ugh.. plus i lived in a neighborhood that had no other kids.. so i was a self entertaining type of kid doing creative/imaginative stuff.. not much has changed really..has it..

The concept was painted in photoshop and used some reference pics of re-curve bows/and the arrow i made quick without reference.. over all it does the job of a concept.. and surprisingly i am realizing my painting skills have somewhere along the line improved since i think it came out pretty realistic! well the bow at least… plus happy with the graphic design template layout thingy of what ill be using to display concepts/screenshots. So this is a two in one pic.. showing the concept and the Rivet logo. Oh and the background is the wip level of the desert.. all assets are custom except the grass and the sky.. meaning.. i made all the textures/materials.. which are.. sand/sandwaves/sandcracked/sanddirt/sandrock..


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