Rivet: Dev Blog Entry #1

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Rivet

So the first Dev Blog Entry!

Some info about why Rivet is called.. Rivet..
Rivet is currently just a working title and so the name of the game may eventually change.. but for now.. yes.. its called Rivet… it was first called Gasohol but for now it is Rivet.
Where did the name Rivet come from?
Well here is why the game is called Rivet.. besides it being a permanent mechanical fastener..
Rivethead: Formerly, since the 1940s, a nickname for American automotive assembly line workers.. plus its a fashion style for those familiar with industrial music… 
The game itself takes some stylistic cues from both steampunk/industrial so thats another reason why its called.. Rivet. and another reason is well the setting of the game means that people are creating their own makeshift vehicles/weapons so.. again Rivet=appropriate.

Actual Development INFO:

Basically so far in development I have made a placeholder logo, new textures/materials, concept art, early level design & added a couple models.

My first texture/material that I added was a sand texture. I also added a normal map of a wavy pattern to apply to the sand texture as a material that can be easily changed to increase or decrease the intensity of the sands waves.. which i happily discovered how to do because of this tutorial found in this forum: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1326587

I have also made a cracked/dry sand material to apply to the terrain as well.. so there is variation in the sand terrain.. of wavy(which is mostly for smaller sand dunes)/a non-wavy sand (for all purpose use)/cracked sand (for those hard rough surfaces)/ and rocky sand (for mountains)/I will be creating a footprint sand texture in zbrush doing something similar to this tutorial http://www.beancubeoflove.com/SAND_TUTORIAL.html. And by following that same tutorial I will be creating a custom tire track material for imprints in the road/sand.

How exciting!
As of the newest version of UDK its now possible to create dynamic footprints/tire tracks.. which is AWESOME.. now the player/npc’s/and vehicles can leave imprints in the sand.. DYNAMICALLY! There is also a new foliage editor which should come in handy as well.. after all there is still some plant life in the desert afterall!

I also added some new meshes such as a propane tank/a standing 1920’s styled ashtray/cardboardboxes/woodenplanks/etc.. to the editor.

Mostly as far as level editing  i have just been experimenting with different looks in the editor for the terrain to find a perfect style to go with.. adding fog/particles of moving sand/changing the lighting/tweaking materials/etc…

Concept art: I drew the first weapon concept of a bow.. basically its a wooden bow that has some tape around the grip and a saw blade attached to the front of it for melee purposes..the arrows i figure will maybe be using some funny things as well as just normal arrows.. since its actually pretty easy to make arrows out of metal i figure in a post-apocalyptic setting where people have made makeshift weapons/vehicles they can probably make arrow heads.. but why not a fork as an arrow head? or a sharpened butter knife?

Things I need to do:
– Footprint material
– Tire material
– Road Meshes or Material.. have to decide how to do the roads.. and make them..
– Foliage.. or uh..i guess Cactus & Deadgrass & stuff?/ (umm.. better do some research on desert plant life)
– Concept Art of: Weapons/Clothing/Items/Environments/NPC’s/Player/Vehicles and so on.
– Models, Models and.. more Models! + Tutorials + Research + Texturing/Skinning + Modeling + UV’s
– More atmosphere & environment experimentation within the editor.
– World Map / Layout of the game world + locations etc..
– Story
– Continue Work on Game Design Doc.
– Get better acquainted with kismet.

and once I have a good amount of all these above things done and ready to show off to people…..
– Find More People To Help..?

What to have by next development blog entry for next week:
show the current placeholder logo
show early in-game screenshots showing off new materials sand/sand-waves/cracked-sand/footprints/tiremarks
Some concept art including the bow + hopefully more.
and whatever else I have finished by next week..

maybe ill update tomorrow with logo/screens/concept of bow.

For now.. I leave you with some inspirational art/pictures/etc…  that have been inspiring the project thus far:



Thanks for reading the first DEV BLOG!


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